• The standard price for a TTshirt is 30€. For this price, you will receive a random and unique TTshirt. Our production and sale of random t-shirts supports our anti-fashion standpoint. For us the concept and the ethics are more important than the aesthetics.
• If you feel differently about that, you can pay a small extra fee to choose from a small selection of TTshirt publicised on our website. The additional fee will support further development of the project.
• Working with used T-shirts from all over the world, we are confronted with a range of differences in clothing sizing, even when the label suggests the same size. This forces us to limit our current production to three sizes: S, M, L. We hope to expand this offer at a later date.
• We are also happy to received your used t-shirts (once you comply with our guidelines). If you send us three of your own t-shirts, you can buy a TTshirt at the reduced price of 18€.
• A TTshirt results from combining the incoming t-shirts as randomly as possible, as this will guarantee the best blend to enhance interaction at a global scale. A specific cataloguing system prevents the combination of t-shirts from the same geographic area.
• When two strangers wearing a TTshirt encounter each other and realize that their TTshirts have a t-shirt in common, this will be a great coincidence to celebrate! These two people will get to share a special prize. More information on this soon!