sharing your T-shirts

Please read this guide carefully, before sending us your used t-shirts. Unsuitable t-shirts will be useless for making a TTshirt, and you will miss the chance of launching part of yourself around the world. As there are endless varieties of t-shirts coming from all over the world, we have established the following criteria that need to be met to make them compatible for use as a combined t-shirt:



We only accept 100% cotton t-shirts. The label should still be attached to verify this fact. Cotton comes in different weights. We want out TTshirt, to be durable, so please don’t send us ultra-thin cotton garments. The fabric weight is measured in grams per square meter (gsm). Standard durable t-shirts are usually 185gsm (or 5.5 ounces per yard of fabric), whereas cheap promotional t-shirts that are 100-110 gsm can only be worn a few times). The GSM value is not generally specified on the label. Just feel the texture, or compare the weight with some other t-shirts before deciding what to send.


We are currently restricting the TTshirt to the following sizes: S, M, L. Working with used T-shirts from all over the world, we are confronted with a range of differences in clothing sizing, even when the label suggests the same size. This makes things complicated!  We hope to expand our sizing offer at a later date. Please forgive us for this temporary limitation, which we are not entirely happy with ourselves.


For the making of TTshirts we use traditional types of t-shirts that cover half of the upper arm. So please don’t send us long-sleeved or sleeveless shirts. (We figure most people would prefer to wear either a long- or short-sleeved garment.). We make our TTshirts from classic round neck t-shirts that sit under the base of the neck. Please don’t send us other styles (like V-neck or scooped necklines). All fabric edges should be hemmed (on the collar, sleeve and bottom of the t-shirt). We use standard loose-fitting garments, so please don’t send us figure-hugging styles, which are impossible to combine with standard t-shirt formats.


The casual encounter of different messages is a founding concept of a TTshirt.  So the t-shirt needs to have some kind of visual message. This can be a text, a logo or a design. We find basic one-colour t-shirts too anonymous to stimulate dialogue with the opposite side.
 Images, texts or logos should extend far enough into the centre of the t-shirt so that when the t-shirt is divided, both sides still hold a part of the design. The design must also appear on the front side. T-shirts with design on the back side only are not eligible for use. We have carried out a poll about people’s preferences. The most wanted TTshirts have something related to the following themes: national identity, popular brands, famous people, famous quotes and known places. At least 2 of the 3 submitted t-shirts should relate to these aforementioned themes. That way, we can all be sure we get a great t-shirt!


T-shirts are used, but they should still be in good condition, with no signs of damage or dirt. Please so not send pulled or ragged hems, t-shirts with holes or stains, …. It is quite an effort to transform a t-shirt into TTshirt and we aim to deliver TTshirts which have a long life ahead of them. We don’t want to receive worn out t-shirts that are too shabby for you to wear any more, but t-shirts that, for various reasons you don’t feel like wearing any more. T-shirts that don’t fit with your life as it is right now, or who you feel yourself to be at this moment. Maybe it’s a t-shirt that reminds you too much of your past, or a t-shirt that you got as a present but didn’t feel right in. Maybe your taste has changed a bit or you have lost touch with the friends with whom you loved to wear that t-shirt. Maybe your new partner doesn’t like you wearing that t-shirt you got from your ex. Who knows? All we can say is that TTshirts will come with a life story…
In order to facilitate the sending of your T-shirts we are organizing a network of collect point (to become in the future TIP) in various country ( see list at the end). If you would like to participate please write us an email. Collect point have several benefits: earn for each incoming t-shirt , priority to become sale points, participate at various level in the TTshirt project.

■  TTshirt C/O G10design        –        Van Oldenbarnevledtstraat 4        –        1052KA  Amsterdam        –        NEDERLAND
■  TTshirt C/O Callegari        –        via Montericco 24        –        35143 Padova        –        ITALIA
■   TTshirt C/O Becerril        –        C/ Fray Diego de Cadiz 20        –        41003 Sevilla        –        ESPAÑA

Before sending any t-shirt please write us an email with the following information : name, preferred collect point, number and size of your T-shirts. We will then send you a code to be specified in the package.