• TTshirt celebrates our inner beauty and not only our external appearance. The growing interest in fashion in the last decades is all too often at the expenses of our inner qualities. By wearing a TTshirt that manifests the casual encounter of two unrelated designs, we take distance from the glorification of branding and self-image. TTshirt celebrates our inner beauty.
  • TTshirt exalts interconnections among mankind, supporting cultural growth. By wearing pieces of clothing from unknown persons (who is possibly very different in religion, race, skin colour and financial status) we value another person’s life above limited corporations. TTshirt breaks down barriers and gives us freedom.
  • TTshirt reminds how many natural resources we waste. In fact we don’t need another T-shirt! If we open our wardrobe, we are likely to have more than enough T-shirts already. Buying clothes for the pleasure of consumption is turning into an illness. Knowing we don’t need another T-shirt, we can at least save the 2700 litres of water it takes to produce one. By recycling fabric, we save on natural resources. TTshirt stands for our mother Earth.
  • Each TTshirt is unique, as it is almost impossible that the same couple of used T-shirts coincide a second time. TTshirt exalts each person as an irreproducible miracle. TTshirt reminds us that every one  is capable of doing something unique. It celebrates our inner strength and resources. TTshirt makes us stronger.
  • TTshirt is funny. It’s kind of stupid wearing two old T-shirts patched together. It teaches us not to take life too seriously, pretending to be what we dream to be. It invites us to follow our apparently irrational heart, that will guide us to unpredictable adventures and unexpected laughs. TTshirt makes us happy.