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TTshirt transforms used t-shirts into original fashion products.
By recycling cloth we create unique piece of art.


ttshirt-sequenceTTshirt collects used t-shirts from locations all over the world. We cut them in half, mix the pieces and sew them back together. As the combination of two random used T-shirts is unlikely to happen twice, each piece is unique: a piece of art !
So what is TTshirt exactly? Is it a fashion trend? Is it an artistic expression of our multicultural society? Is it an eco-product?
Curious?      You can read more about in on our  manifesto page.

A garment with a global Spirit.
Among other things, TTshirt is an experiment to enhance interconnectivity among people. 
One TTshirt connects 3 people on our planet. They may be living at a great distance from each other, they may speak different languages; they may have different beliefs, ethnic backgrounds, skin colours and social status. TTshirt breaks the borders and invites us to get connected!